[Egg Persimmon Marinated Noodles]_Production_Home Practice

[Egg Persimmon Marinated Noodles]_Production_Home Practice

Eating noodles is a simple alternative. In the higher north, noodle shops can be found all over the streets and alleys, and there are different signature noodles.

The halogens made with tomatoes and eggs can be said to be suitable for all ages, especially for children who can’t eat spicy, egg and tomato noodles become the best choice, if you add a few drops of sesame oil will be more delicious.

Method 1: Ingredients for preparation: 500 grams of wheat flour, 4 eggs, 3 tomatoes. Auxiliary ingredients: 1 small garlic seasoning: 2 grams of salt, 2 cloves of garlic, 150 grams of water, 5 grams of vegetable oil, and 2 chives.1.

Put flour, salt, water and vegetable oil in the noodle machine, and make noodles for 2 minutes after 5 minutes.

Prepare the used eggs, tomatoes, garlic, chopped shallots and garlic slices.

Cut the garlic moss into small pieces, cut the tomatoes into small cubes, and put some salt in the eggs to break up 3.

Put the vegetable oil in the wok, add the egg liquid after the oil is hot, and fry until golden.

Put vegetable oil in the pot, put the green onion and garlic flakes in the pan after the oil is hot5.

Stir-fry the tomatoes, and fry them with a shovel while frying.

Add garlic moss 7.

Add egg and stir-fry, add water, and simmer for a while 8.

The soup becomes thick and red, season with salt.

Put water in the pot, add the noodles after the water is boiled, remove it, pour the marinade over and stir well.

Can also be sprinkled with coriander or green onion, very good cooking skills1, tomatoes must be cut into small cubes, easy to fry soup when fried, and taste more intense; 2, like the taste more intense, more redYes, you can put some tomato sauce.

Method two ingredients: prepare 200g noodles, one tomato, one egg, and one onion oxide shrimp.

Appropriate amount of meat, tomato sauce, a tablespoon of sugar, a spoonful of raw soy sauce, a spoonful of salt.

Production method 1.

Prepare the materials.


Chop the onion and the tomatoes into pellets.


Boil the noodles with boiling water.


Remove the cold bowl.


The eggs are scattered and cooked in a pan.


Add less onion and stir-fry.


Add diced tomatoes and tomato sauce to continue to fry the red oil.


Finally add an appropriate amount of water, salt, eggs, shrimp and meat paste, put a bit of raw soy to boil, and drizzle a little water starch.


Just pour on the noodles.