Blow away and lose weight: let your waistline shrink quickly

Blow away and lose weight: let your waistline shrink quickly

According to Harvard University’s research, it is possible to extend the healthy life span of 2 hours by exercising for 1 hour. You can lose weight, shrink your waist and build health by accumulating more than 5,000 steps per day.

The amount and intensity of physical activity to prevent disease and maintain health does not need to be intense, as long as the use of scattered time activities, the accumulation of appropriate physical activity.


Use the scattered time activities, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and accumulate 2000 cards per week.


Using leisure, walking, climbing stairs and other activities, the body’s energy consumption can be reduced, which can reduce the total mortality rate by 43%, the risk of cancer by 32%, and the prevalence of depression can also be reduced, that is, exercise for 1 hour.Can extend the life of 2 hours.

  Walking is the most convenient way to exercise. It is recommended to walk at a speed of about 100-120 steps per minute according to the state of physical fitness, to achieve micro-asthmatic, only to talk to the point (heartbeat about 120 / min), as long as 30 minutes per day, or use the 3-5 minutes of the day, accumulating 5,000 steps per day, can make the original inactive, obese middle-aged people, the average weight of 2 kg, waist circumference reduced by 3 cm, after 2-3 monthsPolishing is effective.

  Experts remind: always remember to sit down, multi-station, walk around, climb stairs and other principles, at least five days a week, more than 30 minutes a day, systemic, similar to aerobic activities, can effectively prevent chronic diseases, maintain health, no needToo strong to strive for physical exercise beyond time and energy.

People who do not have regular exercise habits can start by walking, brisk walking, gardening, walking the dog, washing the car, laborious chores, etc. In addition to exercising to the feet, they can also take care of the muscles of the whole body, reminding them to sit less, often, oftenWalking, every Friday, at least 30 minutes a day, can prevent chronic diseases and maintain health.