Lixia health care should not be wet, do not big wet brother, dampness method to quickly get!

Lixia health care should not be wet, do not “big wet brother”, dampness method to quickly get!

Today is the summer.
Lixia is the beginning of summer.
It is an important solar term that the temperature is obviously rising, the heat is coming, and the thunderstorm is increasing.
Do you know?

Thunderstorms increase, and wet evils will increasingly threaten your health.
Do not prevent early, wet evil drag you!
Moisture troubles, causing many problems?
If moisture invades the chest part of the human body, it will block the lifting and lowering of the air machine and cause chest tightness.
?If you are wet and spleen and stomach, it will weaken the function of the spleen and stomach, and there will be cases where the meal is not fragrant, the stomach is sore, the stool is sticky, and the urine is short.
?It can also cause skin diseases such as athlete’s foot, eczema, and lower extremity ulcers.
?Rheumatism, gynecological inflammation, edema, obesity, etc., can also be separated from wet evil!
This thing of dampness and evil, once it is formed is particularly difficult to remove, there is a saying that “there is a cold and easy to go, and a wet is difficult to remove”.
The so-called “wet is evil, the most damaging yang.”
So enter the summer, as early as possible to prevent dampness and dampness, in order to survive the summer for health, lay a good foundation!
A dampness magic weapon: Herbal Lingnan has a “wet water temperature” and the climate is hot and humid. Many people use the “herbal tea” to damp.
In Guangdong, many herbal tea names have been passed down from mouth to mouth, and Wang Laoji herbal tea, medlar, medlar four-flavored herbal tea, gourd tea, marigold, and phlegm-sweet tea have blossomed everywhere.
However, depending on the formula, there are still some differences in the efficacy of herbal tea.
1, Wang Laoji herbal tea cool bonfire, phlegm and detoxification.
Appropriate people are gastrointestinal disorders, plus foods that are spicy, sweet and sweet, or stay up all night, or excessive alcohol and tobacco, appear to varying degrees of igniting, mouth sores, sore throat, lung dryness, poor appetite, bitternessOther groups, suitable for children.
2, Twenty-four flavored herbal tea has the effect of dispelling wind and dispelling cold, relieving heat, dampness and fluid, and relieving cough.
Applicable to four seasons of cold, dry throat, sore throat.
3, Luo Han Guo Wu Hua tea has the effect of phlegm and dampness, clearing heat and moistening the lungs.
4, Wuhua 祛 wet tea dampness, heat.
It is especially suitable for drinking when the weather is wet and the body is wet.
5, bamboo cane root water clear heat under the fire, Shengjin quenching thirst, lungs and detoxification.
Warm reminder that herbal tea is good, but don’t drink it.
The use of “herbal tea” without dialect is not conducive to dampness. For people with dampness, qi deficiency and yang deficiency, the herbal tea that is too bitter and cold is easy to damage the spleen and stomach, not only can not be damp, but the spleen and stomach are further damaged and the dampness is more prosperous.There is a phenomenon that “the more the herbal tea drinks, the more serious the symptoms associated with dampness and evil”.
It is recommended to use “herbal tea” according to the constitution to avoid adverse effects and aggravate the condition.
祛湿法宝二: 祛湿食疗1, Amomum glutinous rice yam porridge[material]Amomum 5 grams, 30 grams of glutinous rice, 30 grams of yam, 100 grams of rice, crystal sugar amount.
[Practice]Soak the glutinous rice and Chixiaodou overnight.
Cut the yam chopped, put the yam block, glutinous rice, rice together into the pot, add the water and simmer into a porridge with a small fire, add the sautéed sauté for 5 minutes before the pot, add the sugar to taste.

Take it once in the morning and evening.

[Efficacy]spleen dampness, qi.
2, glutinous rice red bean porridge[raw materials]30 grams of glutinous rice, 30 grams of red beans, crystal sugar amount.
[Practice]Soak the glutinous rice and red bean for overnight, boil over high heat, cook with simmer on a small fire, add sugar to taste.Take it once in the morning and evening.
[Efficacy]spleen and dampness, diuresis and swelling.

3, winter melon glutinous rice ribs soup[raw materials]melon, pork ribs, glutinous rice, salt, ginger, onions.

[Practice]Wash the ribs, simmer in boiling water for 2 minutes to remove blood, remove the shower water and drain; glutinous rice soaked in water for 15 minutes; donkeys don’t peel, wash, diced together; ginger cut into 2 pieces;Put the ribs into the soup pot, inject enough water at a time. After the fire is boiled, go to the floating foam, cut the wine, and cook the ginger slices. After 2 hours, put the melon slices and cook the glutinous rice for another 40 minutes. Season with salt.Just fine.
[Efficacy]Detoxification, phlegm and dampness.

4, 茯苓 煲 煲 煲 煲 瘦 【[ raw materials]fresh soil 茯苓 5 grams, 80 grams of Rhizoma Imperatae, 10 red dates, 400 grams of lean pork, 3 slices of ginger.

[Practice]Wash each item separately.

The earthworms are cut into pieces, the roots are cut, and the red dates are removed.

Put ginger in the corrugated together, add 2,500 ml of water (10 bowls), and after the fire is boiled, change the simmer for 2 hours and transfer the appropriate amount of salt instead.

【Efficacy】Dampness and detoxification, heat and detoxification.

祛湿法3: Baoan Chinese Medicine Hospital (Group)’s phlegm-damp tea If you think the above-mentioned phlegm method is not good, it doesn’t matter!

Baoan Chinese Medicine Hospital (Group) 祛 茶 tea to help you 1, 祛 茶 tea[composition]lotus leaves, patchouli, soy yellow rolls and so on.

【Effect】 Dampness and heat, spleen appetite, and treat dampness and heat.

[Usage and Dosage]1 pack per day; or 2-3 packs of soup per time.

[Frying method]1 pack of brewing tea per day; or as a soup pack, 2-3 packs each time, and soup with pork bone.

2, heat and dampness tea[composition]lotus leaf, mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum, lentils and so on.

[Indications]Clearing away heat and dampness, clearing and reducing turbidity, suitable for clearing heat, Qingyang does not ascend, such as dizziness, mouth ulcers, abdominal distension and other alternatives.

[Usage and Dosage]1-2 packs each time, 2 times a day.

[Decoction method]1-2 packs each time, add water 300-600ml, boil for 15 minutes, you can.