Is it safe to use toilet paper with creative toilet paper?

Is it safe to use toilet paper with creative toilet paper?

In our daily lives, many people are used to reading things while going to the toilet.

This “toilet reading habit” has also spawned a new type of tissue.

  Recently, a creative paper towel sold online has been sought after by consumers.

This paper towel prints 100 common spoken English on the roll paper, which is convenient for people to read while going to the toilet.

There are also some creative paper towels printed with a lot of bright patterns, which are very pleasing on the table.

When these creative paper towels appear, they have won the favor of consumers, especially some female consumers are more and more eager.

At present, the thickness of the spoken English creative tissue is about 10 yuan, while the creative napkin is 1 yuan. If you need it, you can customize it and you can also mass produce it.

  Experts remind: use paper towels to smell first, Dong Jinshi, deputy secretary general of the Beijing Environmental Science Society, said that it is best not to have ink on paper towels or napkins.

Ink pollution exists in two ways.

The first is that the pigment usually contains heavy metals; the second is that the solvent often contains harmful components such as benzene.

Consumers can use their noses to smell the paper towel without pungent taste, if any, it is likely that the solvent contains benzene.

Dong Jinshi said that the paper towels used in daily life should not be colored, and the creative paper towels on the market should be mainly watch.

  Consumer Survey: Appreciation is more than use Although the store said that the printing of such paper towels uses environmentally friendly inks to ensure that it does not fade, and has no effect on the body, but many consumers still doubt this.

Miss Fang from Haidian District bought the paper towel and kept it in the living room. It was a decoration.

She said that although some of the shops have seen napkins or paper towels with LOGO printed on them, I still feel a little uneasy about buying them online.

Miss Wu from Chaoyang District did not have the courage to bring a kind of creative paper towel to a “kind of the skin”, she bought a few rolls and gave it to friends.

And many consumers feel that such a paper towel is bought back if it is really a waste.