Self-pushing to relieve dysmenorrhea

Self-pushing to relieve dysmenorrhea

In fact, massage massage has a good effect on dysmenorrhea, and there is no complication, which can be substituted.

The attending physician of the Department of Tuina, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, introduced some massage techniques to female friends, and the armor carried out self-care in life to prevent dysmenorrhea.

  Assault lumbosacral massage method: Use your fists to gently beat your lower back and cheekbones with moderate force. The speed is even, alternating between left and right, with 100 times/division, and the heat is slightly.

  Efficacy: Chinese medicine refers to menstruation as scorpio, Scorpio is actually kidney essence, waist is the kidney of the government, so smashing the lumbosacral part can make up for the role of kidney filling, to achieve the effect of pain relief.

  揉 Press the Tai Chong acupoint massage method: use the left thumb to refer to the right acupoint (located at the midpoint of the first metatarsal space of the foot), so as to have a feeling of soreness, and then change the thumb of the right thumb after 1 minute.Left too punched for 1 minute.

  Efficacy: Chinese medicine believes that “too rushing pulse, the moon is nowadays.”

Taichong is the most important acupoint on the liver, and it is also effective for women with irregular menstruation. Women with dysmenorrhea often have different degrees of liver qi stagnation, which makes it difficult to get rid of it.effect.

  Mo, rubbing the lower abdomen massage method: put the hands together in the middle of the lower abdomen, with a slow and gentle movement of the abdomen, the frequency is controlled at about 10 times per minute, until the heat in the lower abdomen is appropriate, after 5 minutes of rubbing, then with both handsIn the lower abdomen, the direction of the anterior groin is from the back to the front, and the direction is forward to the groin.

  Efficacy: The lower abdomen is where the palace is located. Mo, rubbing the lower abdomen can promote microcirculation in the lower abdomen, regulating menstruation and relieving pain.

  Point uterus massage method: the uterus is located in the lower abdomen, 4 inches under the umbilicus, 3 inches in the middle pole.

Stimulation of the uterus is a direct treatment of the female genital tract, with the effect of promoting blood circulation, relieving qi and relieving pain.

  Click on the Zusanli massage method: Zusanli is located 3 inches below the anterior and lateral knees of the lower leg, and the lateral anterior aspect of the upper iliac crest is placed at the lateral finger. With the thumb and abdomen, the force is applied to the Sanli point with a slight force.

Palace cold dysmenorrhea can be used to suspend moxibustion.

  Efficacy: The popular statement of “usually according to Zusanli, better than drinking chicken soup” is widely known, especially for frail women with insufficient blood, and they have the effect of replenishing qi and blood and warming the palace to relieve pain.

  Obviously, the self-massage treatment of dysmenorrhea should start about a week before the menstruation. The purpose of treatment is to dredge the meridians and collaterals, so that the blood can be passed smoothly, and the menstrual flow should be stopped after the menstrual cramps.Then treat again.

If it is found that it is accompanied by organic diseases such as endometriosis, it should also be treated at the same time.