[Eating chili diarrhea]_ pepper _ diarrhea _ what happened

[Eating chili diarrhea]_ pepper _ diarrhea _ what happened

Many people now like to eat chili, and every meal is always a little spicy. The spicy flavor brought by chili makes people feel comfortable, but not everyone is suitable for eating chili, especially those with poor gastrointestinalCaution, it is worth mentioning that many people eat chilli can cause diarrhea. What is the reason behind this?

First, why diarrhea after eating pepper?

Capsicum tastes hot because it contains capsaicinoids, which is a small family that contains more than 8 compounds, of which capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin account for about 95%.

In particular, capsaicin, the “tyrant”, has the strongest physiological activity. Its characteristic is that it cannot be catabolized by the digestive tract, so it is not difficult to understand that if you eat too much pepper, these capsaicin will stimulate the digestive tract, evenChronic has a burning sensation, and then continuously promotes the degenerative tract to continue to move, and it is not comfortable until the excessive capsaicin is gradually replaced by diarrhea in vitro.

So these capsaicins, which cannot be decomposed, had to be “in and out,” and when they were discharged, they also brought a handful of capsicum noodles on the buttocks, which was also burning.

Second, why does pepper have “spicy taste”?

This is because the capsaicin contained in capsicum can bind to the vanillin receptor subtype of human sensory neurons.

Then what is passed to the brain is a burning sensation.

So the “spicy” taste of pepper is actually a “burning sensation”.

Third, why does eating chili make people feel so comfortable?

The burning sensation of capsaicin on the human body caused the brain to mistakenly believe that the body was injured and began to secrete an analgesic substance called “endorphin” in the human body, so only some people have a spicy and refreshing feeling.

Fourth, why the stomach pain after eating pepper makes people quickly think “a thousand miles away”?

In fact, there is no clear statement on why diarrhea is caused by eating peppers, but one of the reasons that is accepted by many people is the gastrointestinal dysfunction caused by the stimulation of colon cells by capsaicin.

The function of the colon is to insert the unformed stool into the liver hiatus, and in the process absorb the water in the unformed stool to form the stool.

However, after the colon cells are stimulated by capsaicin, the movement of the colon will be accelerated and become irregular, which will cause it to have no time to absorb the water in the stool.

If the stool is not formed, it becomes thin stool.

Natural diarrhea.