Spring health knowledge

Spring health knowledge

Spring is worth a thousand dollars, and flowers have a fragrant moon.

“Spring 宵” Su Dongpo in the world in April Fangfei, the mountain temple peach blossoms began to bloom.

“Dallin Temple Peach Blossom” Bai Juyi bamboo outside the peach blossom three or two branches, spring river plumbing duck prophet.

“Hui Chong Chunjiang Evening Scene” Su Shi _ Thinking: What is health?

Some people say that health is to maintain the body.

Some people say that health care refers to raising life through various methods, enhancing physical fitness and preventing diseases, so as to achieve longevity.

The Emperor of the Yellow Emperor said that the person who is healthy and well-being must rely on the changes of the four-hour heatstroke to maintain health, the mood and harmony and the poverty, the abstinence of the diet and the yin and yang, so that the evil spirits do not invade, the blood and blood are adjusted.For the “living way”, the first student is the verb improvement, the second life is the noun vitality. In general, health care today, avoid raising a bunch of doctors tomorrow!

In spring, all things grow, the nutrients of the tree go from the roots to the branches and leaves, and the buds shed and the blood of the human body moves forward from the inside.

Chunsheng violates the seasonal law of spring, the body’s lack of yang can not rejuvenate, the liver gas will cause depression and cause disease; the season of the five internal organs: spring-hepatic, spring liver is in the traditional Chinese medical theoryThe liver is a five-line tree, Chunmuwang, corresponding to the yang of the spring.

Spring is the best time to nourish the liver and protect the liver, and it is also the time of liver disease.

If you do not pay attention to emotional adjustment, liver gas depression, complications give birth to many diseases.

Such as emotional ambition, liver yang uplift, high blood pressure, people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease are also prone to stroke.

The statistics of major hospitals also show that every spring, patients with liver disease or liver disease recurrence will appear in other seasons.

The role of the liver needs to understand that the main diarrhea and liver function has the function of maintaining the smoothness of the whole body.

Digestion and absorption in the human body, blood circulation, women’s menstruation, men’s semen and other aspects are related to the evacuation of the liver.

The main blood and liver are hidden in the blood, and the blood is gluten, so the gluten is the essence of the liver.

The liver has the function of storing blood and regulating blood flow, thereby regulating the blood support function of various parts of the body.

If the main gluten is too much blood stasis, the tendons will be nourished, the tendons will be strong, the joints of the limbs will be flexible, and the flexion and extension will be free.

Look at the color to know the health (liver) look at the eyes: bright and god, black and white clearly dry and dull, yellow, red eyes, dark circles look nails: nails are shiny, pink nails are thin, withered, deformed and cracked to observe the color to know health (liver)) Signs 1, easy to get drunk, some people usually have a lot of alcohol, but now they feel “drunk” after drinking a little. This symptom reminds you that liver function is declining, liver damage, liver can not completely decompose alcohol metabolitesAcetaldehyde.

Symptom 2, acne increases the body’s corpus luteum hormone plays a role in promoting the secretion of sebum.

The liver can destroy the corpus luteum hormone and adjust the hormonal balance.

Therefore, liver function is reduced, sebum secretion is increased, and eventually acne is caused.

Symptom 3, the wound is easy to purulent infection The liver plays an important role in the metabolism of the human body. If the liver function is impaired, skin regeneration will be disturbed.

In addition, the detoxification function of the liver is likely to cause wound infection bacteria.

Symptom 4, the face is black and the liver plays an important role in the metabolism of iron. Usually, iron is accumulated in the liver.

If the liver cells are destroyed, the iron in the liver cells will be injected into the blood vessels, causing the iron content in the blood to increase, causing the face to become dark.

This symptom is most likely to occur in men and postmenopausal women.

Therefore, when there is a black sign of the face, be sure to be alert to whether the liver is damaged, and to protect the liver in time.

Second, diet – food supplement health spring health principle 1: When the spring rises, remember that the yang needs to eat some warm yang food, such as leeks, mustard, parsley, ginger, onion, garlic, onion, konjac, kohlrabiWait.

This kind of food is all kind of warm and spicy, which can disperse the cold and inhibit the bacteria that are proliferated in spring.

Also pay attention to the heat to nourish the temperature of spring swells easily lead to heat in the body, with some hot foods such as buckwheat, leeks, spinach, celery, lettuce, eggplant, alfalfa, cucumber, etc.

All kinds of foods are cool and sweet, and they can clear the heat.

In the early spring, a slogan about medicinal food is about the sauerkraut. “Spring food is fragrant, summer food is stinky.”

Amaranth is not only green in color, but also delicious, spicy and appetizing. Since ancient times, it has been the first food of spring vegetables.

In the spring, the human liver is prosperous, affecting the digestion and absorption function of the spleen and stomach, eating more spring sputum or enhancing the spleen and stomach, and beneficial liver function.

Spring amaranth is rich in nutrients, especially rich in supplemental fiber. Supplemental fiber can improve peristalsis, keep stools smooth, and prevent constipation and intestinal cancer. Therefore, amaranth is called “seawash”.

Practice: Amaranth, egg, leek and seafood are also good mixes.

Amaranth is the protagonist of stuffing, such as leek stuffing, three fresh stuffing, leek egg stuffing, can be used to make dumplings, fillings, pot stickers and so on.Amaranth can also be used as a supplement to make soup to taste, such as leeks and squid soup often eat celery to help sleep in spring and dry climate, people often feel dry mouth, asthma, upset, physical discomfort, often eat celery helps to clear away heat and detoxification, rickets.
Liver fire is too strong, rough skin and often insomnia, people with headaches can eat more celery roots.

How to eat celery root, the best therapeutic effect?

Recommended: 90 grams of celery root, add 9 grams of jujube, sleep before going to bed, can cure insomnia.

Celery root washed and chopped, scrambled eggs to eat, can cure headache; celery root chopped into the previous rice in the porridge, add a little rock sugar, for middle-aged and elderly hypertension, vascular sclerosis, neurasthenia and other excellent adjuvant treatment.

Remind everyone that celery is suitable for tomatoes, beef and mutton with food, but with chicken, cucumber, pumpkin, etc., pay attention to avoid the same food.

Spinach has the functions of nourishing yin and moistening dryness, relieving liver and nourishing blood, and causing high blood pressure, dizziness and diabetes caused by chronic liver yin deficiency[chronic depletion or blood not raising liver, but also due to lack of kidney essence], anemia, eat spinach in the spring, it is recommended to buy fresh spinach, put the refrigerator to reduce nutrient loss.

Common practices include spinach scrambled eggs, spinach vermicelli, sesame sauce with spinach, pork liver spinach soup, etc. 枸杞: 枸杞’s sweet theophylline prevents excessive storage inside the liver and prevents liver cancer.

The chlorophyll contained in the loquat leaves also helps the liver to detoxify while also improving liver function.

Carrots: Wood corresponds to the liver, the liver is open to the eye, and the wood can be filled with bright eyes. If there are emotions such as irritability, restlessness, chest pain, and sharp decline in vision, it is necessary to raise the liver.

Yam: Wood corresponds to the liver, the spleen corresponds to the soil, and the wood is gram, so it is necessary to adjust the spleen and stomach.

Guangxi Huaishan’s Huaishan medicine can nourish the spleen and stomach.

Yam is sweet and flat, has the functions of strengthening the spleen and nourishing the liver, nourishing the lungs and replenishing the qi, nourishing the kidney and solidifying the essence. It can be used for jujube, yam and rice, millet and kidney beans to eat porridge, to nourish the spleen and nourish the stomach, nourish the yin and moisten the dryness.