Spring moisture-proof small coup

Spring moisture-proof small coup

In the beautiful spring, there is often a continuous air in the south of the country, and the “regaining tide” that is screwed out of the water – even people feel wet: the clothes are not dry, the floor is watery, the bathroom wall, the mirror often”Sweat”, small household appliances also play tricks of damp and power off from time to time . “moisture-proof”, this has become a tough battle in the spring home.

Ms. Wu, who lives in the Guangming Jade Community, recommended her six “kits” home dehumidification and moisture protection tools.

  Food and drug moisture-proof foods should be placed on the refrigerator as much as possible.

Sausage, ham and other meat marinated food, use a cotton swab to apply the vegetable oil, evenly spread on the surface, and then hang it in a well-ventilated place to prevent mildew; mushrooms should be stored in a sealed container, such as a slightly surfaceThere are mildew flowers, you can brush the mold and combine the sintering, do not wash.

Incorporation of kelp into rice can kill pests and inhibit mold.

  Sugar-coated tablets, granules, capsules and effervescent tablets in western medicine are easily deteriorated by moisture.

Household medicines can be used for fresh-keeping bags, and some medicines can also be stored in glass bottles or sealed plastic boxes, or some safe desiccant can be added.

For Chinese herbal medicines, if the amount of medicinal materials is piled up, it can be placed in a sealed box; if the amount is repeated and the medicinal materials are more general, it can be stored in the refrigerator; but if it is a more expensive medicinal material, such as Cordyceps, velvet antler, etc., it can be sealed in a sealed bag.Or wrapped in moisture-proof paper, placed in the bottom of the rice cylinder.

  The moisture in the kitchen moisture-proof kitchen will attract you, insects, and the moisture-proof direction will be more severe. It is recommended to open the exhaust fan or blow it with a fan every day.

In addition, local materials can be taken and waste can be reused.

For example, soda powder commonly used in kitchens can absorb moisture.

Can people who love coffee put the used coffee slag into gauze bags, clean old stockings or cotton socks, make it easy to use, and have a small dehumidification package with double effect of moisture absorption and deodorization, placed in the corner of the kitchenin.

  The bathroom moisture-proof bathroom is the most high-space space in the living room. What is the most common wall surface of “Back to South China” and the phenomenon of “sweat” in the mirror?

  Tile anti-seepage and anti-mold: the walls of the bathroom are mostly tiled. To keep it clean and bright, you can use multi-purpose decontamination cream to clean it. For tile gaps, you can use a toothbrush to remove descaling paste.Then use a brush to brush a waterproofing agent at the gap.

This not only prevents leakage, but also prevents mold growth.

  Ceramic bathroom mildew: how to make ceramic bathroom products as bright as new?

A convenient and environmentally friendly method is to wipe with white vinegar and lemon peel.

The specific method is to clean the dirt on the surface of the sanitary ware first, then wipe the surface of the sanitary ware with a soft cloth and white vinegar or wipe it directly with lemon peel. After a few minutes, the sanitary ware will not be mildewed.

  Bathroom cabinet moisture-proof: For bathrooms without wet and dry partitions, it is best to choose a professional moisture-proof panel for the panel of the bathroom cabinet.

In the daily life, especially in the spring, you must pay great attention to keep the surface dry. After every wash, wipe off the water drops attached with a dry cloth.

  The overall space is moisture-proof: as the largest space for water vapor, the most fundamental way to prevent moisture in the bathroom is to keep the ventilation dry.

However, in the “back to the South”, it is not appropriate to open the window ventilation, this will introduce the moisture of the blade, the best way is to open the dehumidifier or air conditioning for forced dehumidification.

  Household appliances should be placed in a ventilated location as much as possible.

The washing machine should be placed in a raised position, not in the bathroom, to prevent bacteria from infecting the body through clothing after breeding in a staggered environment.

  When the moisture is heavy, the appliance can enter the standby state, and the parts inside the machine working in the machine will emit a certain displacement, which will cause the moisture in the body to be dissipated and prevent the electrical short circuit.

  Furniture with different moisture resistance should have different moisture-proof methods.

  Leather furniture: Leather leather leather will be cold and hard after damp. It is prone to mildew on some corners, and even some furniture will be deformed or faded after damp.

The maintenance of leather furniture is not too low, it becomes more important.

After dust removal and removal of mildew, the surface should be coated with leather-made oyster sauce, leather oil, etc. The leather sofa can be placed underneath some desiccant to keep it dry.

  Wooden furniture: solid wood furniture such as sofas, dining tables, floors, etc., the maintenance point is to maintain its luster, can be evenly applied to the furniture surface with a special cleaning agent or protective wax, gently wipe; if it is artificial sheet furniture, ifIf the edge banding is not good or damp, it is easy to cause the furniture board to swell or be damaged due to water absorption.

Therefore, the furniture of the wood-based panel should be waterproofed at the beginning of use, and a waterproof pad or a sealing measure should be added to the part that is easy to absorb water.

  Fabric furniture: The design of fabric furniture is more personalized and can be cleaned frequently.

However, if you want to prevent moisture, use a special vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on the surface. In the “back to the south”, you can use the low-grade hot air of the air duct to blow the sofa, and also remove the moisture inside the sofa.

  Metal furniture: This kind of furniture should be wiped with a dry rag in the near day. If there is rust, use a dish cloth or toothbrush with rust inhibitor to clean it, then polish it with a dry cloth.

  Clothes moisture-proof Meiyutian clothes are easy to wet and not easy to dry. If there is no dryer, the clothes should be taken after the clothes are washed. The hair dryer will blow first and then hang up and dry.

The moisture-proofing agent can be hung in the closet, but it is best to hang it about 10 cm above the clothes so that its active ingredients can fully evaporate.

Open the wardrobe as little as possible to avoid the moldy change of cotton, linen, silk, wool and other fabrics that are hygroscopically inserted.

Dark shoes can be filled with newspapers to absorb moisture and to keep the shoes from deforming.